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The Razha is a dance which is characterized by the sword and poetry exchange. It is performed in most areas of the Sultanate. The men participating in the dance must leap into the air, carrying a heavy sword. Upon landing, they must not falter. The men will also throw the sword into the air and catch it as it comes down; a show of strength and prowess. Years ago, the Razha was used as a way to express the needs of the people in the tribe and also to announce war, victory, muster troops or mediate between warring factions. The Razha al Kabira (the Razha of adults) was once a dance of war. Today it is used as a welcome and celebration to His Majesty Sultan Qaboos. It has three slow rhythms which the participants match in their movements. Upon the beating of the drum, the men perform their sword displays, the aim of which is to hit your opponent on the left thumb. If no side is a clear winner, then an elder of the tribe cuts the air between them, terminating the fight.

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